Press Space, Don’t Hit The Bottom

digital game that puts you in a foreigner’s shoes

This is a digital game where the player must decipher how to play the game. The only instructions are “press Space, don’t hit the bottom”.

The rules of the game are randomly generated each playthrough, and are based on the current visual output of the game. The relationship between the graphics and rules is extremely difficult to decipher, so the game offers an alternate means of survival through computer-controlled players (CPUs). Each CPU has a simple AI that attempts to succeed at the and players can follow the cues and learn from the mistakes of the AI in order to do better in the game.

The game places players in a construct of arbitrary rules, much like entering a foreign culture. In playtesting, players used a variety of approaches to unravel the game. Some pressed Space without fear of making mistakes, while others were more reserved. The game reveals the personality of its players in new environments.

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