Jenga ported to the Disklavier

Sonification is an intersection between music and communication design. Successful sonification can offer a complementary stream of data or empower a wider audience to receive information. My benchmark for success in sonification hinges on whether it is comprehensible to a person with visual impairments.

Jenga is a problematic game for people with visual impairments. Understanding the state of the tower without disturbing it requires sight; touching the tower might end the game. My port of Jenga to the Disklavier retains the general rules and mechanics of Jenga, and, more importantly, transfers the amusing suspense of the game into perceivable channels of touch and hearing.

Like other implementations of accessible technology, the lives of those with fewer impairments are improved as well; sighted people also find this game a blast.

I have shown this to the creator of Jenga and they found it very entertaining.