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webapp for equipment financing

an update due for decades

Diagram of project timeline with a rocket ship metaphorical structure.
A high-level project timeline.

A Fortune Global 50 bank hired Designit to bring its equipment financing services “out of the ’90s”. Their customers and partners, though loyal, were running out of patience since the bank’s previous attempt at upgrading their systems and processes fell flat. We were determined to help them ship a vastly improved and stable version of their webapp before an important seasonal version freeze.

revealing the customer perspective

Though the bank had close relationships with their customers, they didn’t understand the relational impact their service shortcomings had. We interviewed over ten of their customers remotely and in-person, illustrating their experiences and goals via journey maps and personas. For the first time, the bank understood how their obsession over compliance put their customers in business dilemmas. We facilitated workshops that spread this knowledge to disparate departments and brought them together to prioritize a solution to regain customers’ trust by significantly improving how they exchanged information.

steering around AgileFalls

After we (the design team) created scenarios and hero flows, I was tasked with advising the design refinement and interface implementation of an offshore development team. Though their structure was agile, their operations were not. Despite having little decision-making power, I actively circumvented their obstacles by facilitating conversations between the bank and development team to write meaningful user stories, helping developers understand the business and customer impact of their implementation choices, and visualizing the progress made toward each feature to help leaders decide what would actually ship as MVP.

The bank successfully shipped the webapp and is relieved that their customer and partner relationships have been salvaged.

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